SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway is a powerful new SMS messaging system that’s intuitive, easy to use and powerful. This article will give you an overview of the program and tell you how to get started with SMS Gateway in just a few minutes.

What Exactly Is SMS Gateway?

SMS Gateway is a powerful web­based SMS messaging service. It allows you to send messages via your web­browser. It has a lot of powerful features which we’ll discuss below, such as importing contacts, message templates and even personalisation of messages. It works on a pay-per­-text system so there are no contracts or hidden fees. Most importantly of all, it’s easy to use.
You can get started in minutes! The uses are many. For instance, SMS Gateway can be used for online phone verification, sending delivery details to your customers, taxi companies can send SMS with car details, and much more.

How Does SMS Gateway Work?

There are two ways that you can get started with SMS Gateway. Both are easy to do.
The first way is to use the already­integrated version of SMS Gateway that’s available on our site.
Simply follow our How To Get Started instructions, which you’ll find below, and upload your contacts directly to our site.

The second way is to integrate SMS Gateway with your own site. To do this, you simply need to run a URL with three parameters. Message, Sender and output. An example is 2. By integrating

Using this method, you should be up and running and ready to send your first SMS message out within three minutes!

What Are The Features Of SMS Gateway?

∙ It has an all­in­one dashboard so that you can save time and energy.
∙ It has a built­in API, so you can use our site or simply use the powerful features available on your own site.
∙ It’s Web­Based, so you can use it just like your email address.
∙ Instant Delivery Reports mean that you’ll know where and when your message is being sent.
∙ Manageable contacts mean that you can sort your contacts into groups and even manage who you get messages from and when.
∙ You pay for what you use – no contracts. No fees. Just simple pay­for­every­text you send.
∙ Send personalised SMS: You can personalise your message in any way, and there are six custom data fields which you can use.
∙ Easy import features mean that it’s easy to go from your database list in Excel to our service. This means no troubles for you, and great efficiency.
∙ Message templates mean that you get to do a job once and use that for your entire future of message sending.

Do I Need Special Hardware Or Software?

No. As stated in the features, SMS Gateway works via a web­based dashboard, which means providing you have access to the internet, you can use SMS Gateway. You don’t need to install any additional software, and you certainly don’t need any extra hardware.

Ok, How Do I Get Started With SMS Gateway?

Getting started with SMS Gateway is as simple as following three easy steps:

1. Register your account with SMS Gateway.
2. Top­up your account with the funds you’ll be using.
3. Start sending messages as you wish! 

SMS Gateway Documentation

Download documentation