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Related news

SMS spoofing is illegal in Astralia

25.08.2015 - We would like to tell that spoof SMS is illegal in Australia and prohibited in SMSPM.com. We try to block all spoof SMS and if needed, we will provide all information to Australia police. Please understand it.

Australia sets mobile call, SMS terminating charges

25.08.2015 - The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has released its final decision on the price that mobile network operators should charge each other and fixed-line network operators for receiving calls on their mobile network. For the first time, the ACCC has also decided on a price for mobile network operators to charge to receive SMS messages. The ACCC has decided that the wholesale price of terminating calls on an Australian mobile network should be 1.7 cents per minute, down from the current rate of 3.6 cents per minute. The ACCC has also decided to set the price mobile network operators charge to receive SMS messages at 0.03 cents per SMS. The regulated prices for mobile voice and SMS termination will apply from 1 January 2016 to 30 June 2019. The ACCC expects these savings from these two decisions be passed onto consumers either by way of lower charges or through improved call and SMS inclusions in retail plans.

10.12.2013 - Australia's Telstra has switched on its 3,500th 4G base station, expanding its 4G coverage to 85 percent of the population.

24.01.2013 - Vodafone has reversed plans to charge prepay customers for mobile data in megabyte increments and will now charge per kilobyte. Also has started LTE trials in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney.

20.01.2013 - Telstra has launched LTE roaming with Hong Kong based CSL.

19.11.2012 - Vodafone Australia has outlined plans to launch NFC based mobile payments services, in cooperation with Visa from next year. Optus has launched a range of prepaid tariffs for its LTE network, which has been limited to contract customers so far.

Common questions about SMS Gateway

Q: Do you support all Australia networks?
A: We support Vodafone, YES OPTUS, 3, Telstra and other networks. If some SMS network is missing please contact us and we will find solution for you. We work worldwide!

Q: Do you allow to send marketing SMS?
A: We allow to send information SMS, use SMSPM for SMS marketing services to your customers. Please don't send illegal SMS or spam.

Q: How much does cost to use SMSPM?
A: SMSPM.com doesn't have monthly fee or connection fee. It is free to have account, you will pay only for sent SMS.

Q: How to integrate SMS API?
A: You can find documentation and integration examples on International SMS Gateway page.