• Dashboard

    Save your time, and your energy! Use our simple, yet powerful dashboard to find what you need.

  • SMS Gateway / API

    Try our reliable and easy-setup Gateway/API and start sending texts straight from your own server.

  • Manage Contacts

    Say NO to unwanted messages by sorting your contacts into groups. Contact management helps to boost the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns.

  • Web-Based

    Do it all online - it’s as easy as sending an e-mail. Just log in, enter your message and hit send - and you're set!

  • Instant Delivery Reports

    SMSPM offers instant feedback on how well your message is faring. Use this to your advantage as you improve your performance.

  • Only Pay For Sent Messages

    No hidden fees or long term contracts. Pay as you go!

  • Easy Import

    Import your contacts from any text file, clipboard or Excel/CSV. Last one bonusly allows importing custom fields in seconds!

  • Send personalized SMS

    Wish to be closer? Show individual approach - use up to 6 custom data fields in your SMS!

  • Message Templates

    Don't waste time on writing the same message over and over again. Save your work as a template for later use.