• Online Dashboard
  • SMS Gateway / API
  • Manage contacts
  • Web-based
  • Instant delivery reports
  • Only pay for sent messages
  • View invoice history
  • Instant payment
  • Message templates
  • Helpful support

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07.01.2014 - Omnitel has announced the delivery of 14 trucks worth of equipment from Huawei for its 3G and 4G network upgrades.

30.04.2013 - Tele2 is offering payments by monthly installments for prepay customers buying a new mobile phone.

10.10.2012 -  Omnitel is offering promotional deals to customers who have subscribed to its services for at least 5 years.

Common questions about SMS Gateway

Q: Do you support all Lithuania networks?
A: We support Omnitel, BITE GSM, TELE2 and other networks. If some SMS network is missing please contact us and we will find solution for you. We work worldwide!

Q: Do you allow to send marketing SMS?
A: We allow to send information SMS, use SMSPM for SMS marketing services to your customers. Please don't send illegal SMS or spam.

Q: How much does cost to use SMSPM?
A: SMSPM.com doesn't have monthly fee or connection fee. It is free to have account, you will pay only for sent SMS.

Q: How to integrate SMS API?
A: You can find documentation and integration examples on Web SMS Gateway.